Take your drinks to the next level.

The ultimate accessory for any bartender or beverage enthusiast, Addition Cocktail Spice and Beer Sauce® let you customize your drinks to suit your exact taste. No chef would dream of cooking without reaching into their spice rack; why should drinks be any different?


Cocktail Spice

Addition Cocktail Spice is designed to move spicy and savory flavors out of your spice cabinet and into your beverages. Just a few drops will add complexity and unexpected flavors to your favorite drinks.

Beer Sauce

Get your beer SAUCED! Addition Beer Sauce® is the world’s first mixer designed specifically to add complexity, flavor and heat to beer. It lets you turn a normal beer into something special!

Gift Sets

Addition gift sets make the perfect holiday, birthday or hostess gifts for your food and drink loving friends. Each set complements a specific drink or flavor profile, and is guaranteed to be a hit!