Addition was founded with the express goal of bringing spicy and savory flavors to beverages everywhere – out of your spice rack and into your drinks!

No chef would dream of preparing a dish without reaching into their spice rack; we think the same should be true for cocktails, beer and drinks of all kinds.

Addition Cocktail Spice and Beer Sauce® empower you to create beverages that taste exactly the way you want them to. Explore the savory richness of cumin or the floral, prickly heat of Szechuan pepper. Combine unexpected flavors like Thai green chili and tarragon or clove and habanero. Add cinnamon to a can of cola or rosemary to your sparkling water. Turn a regular can of beer into something special with our Original, Smoky or Extra Spicy Beer Sauce®. We encourage you to experiment and have fun with all of our products, to customize your drinks to suit your exact taste, and most of all, to enjoy beverages with a wide new range of flavors that you may not have experienced in liquid format before.

All Addition products are proudly handcrafted in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood leveraging traditional maceration processes and using whole spices and fresh herbs and peppers. Big thanks to Addition heroes: Chip Baker for his inspired and unbelievably well-executed logo and label designs, Lilly Warner for her gorgeous product photography and Patric Gabre-Kidan for his energy, resourcefulness and build-out savvy.