“WOW! We just opened the samples and we saved the Piri-Piri for last and I think I just stopped crying. All of them are fantastic and so freakin’ pure!
— John Libonati, Social Wines (Boston)
Your drinks have waited a lifetime to meet spices like these. With bold, remarkable flavors and a little whiff of firewater, these mixtures make a unique addition to any bartender’s repertoire. Whether you’re a cocktail novice, or a seasoned vet, this is the most delicious leap you’ll take all year.
— Birchbox.com
I love the Addition line as it takes a huge amount of work out of the equation. Instead of focusing on the intricacies of tincture making, I can put more energy into drink making and hospitality.
— Jeffrey Cole, O Bar OKC and President, US Bartender’s Guild, OK Chapter
Thank you for your wonderful line. I can’t tell you how useful it is here for filling gaps in flavor, and it’s very easy for the customer to understand: both your average novice to competition bartenders. I find it astonishing that you’re really the only one doing something like this.
— Jeremy Eib, Napa Valley Distillery
I don’t know whether it is the quality of the inputs or some sort of unique process, but Addition’s extractions seem to bring focus to the most intriguing characteristics of each ingredient. Take something as simple as rosemary which can at times be metallic, acrid and cloying. Addition’s is relentlessly savory and allows for a deeper exploration than consuming fresh rosemary on its own. I’ve been adding it to other brands of gentian based orange bitters for a whole new experience. This adapting of old favorites is a use for Addition that should not be overlooked.
— Matt Caputo, A Prior Specialty Food