Cocktail Recipe: Tarragon & Thai Green Chili Whiskey Ginger

tarragon and thai green chili whiskey ginger cocktail recipe

Mmmmmmmmmm – whiskey ginger. . . the combo of oaky American whiskey and spicy, sweet Ginger Ale (or Ginger Beer) gets even more interesting with the addition of Tarragon and Thai Green Chili Cocktail Spices. The fresh green heat from the Thai Green Chili and the mild licorice flavor from Tarragon amplify the ginger flavor and make this simple drink a real powerhouse.


Rocks glass (or copper mule mug)
2 oz American whiskey (both bourbon and rye are delicious)
Ginger Ale (or Ginger Beer)
Tarragon Cocktail Spice
Thai Green Chili Cocktail Spice
Lime Wedge


Fill a rocks glass with ice, then add the whiskey. 
Add 2 blasts* of Tarragon Cocktail Spice and 2 blasts* of Thai Green Chili Cocktail Spice. 
Fill glass with Ginger Ale.
Garnish with lime wedge.

* a blast is a measurement describing one eyedropper of Cocktail Spice - approx 25 drops